Top 7 Best Genuine Ways To Make Money Online UK

Are you looking for some of the best genuine ways to make money online UK offers?  I’m not talking about those dodgy, quick and easy ways to make money online UK has that don’t amount to anything – I’m talking about the legitimate ways of how to make money online UK has that, with a bit of hard work and dedication, actually really work.

If this sounds like you and you’ve been wondering how to make money online from home then you are in the right place!

In this best ways to make money online UK article, I’ve compiled 7 great ways you can make money from home online.  Some of the suggestions are easier than others, and some of the better paid suggestions may require a little training before you can get started.  But if you’re prepared to put in the effort then these are certainly some great ways to earn money online from home.

In fact with some of these suggestions, you can start today!

Top 7 Best Genuine Ways to Make Money Online UK

Making Money Online with Surveys


If you’re wondering “how can I earn money online today” then one of the easiest ways is by completing online surveys for rewards.  I’ve been doing this for years now and find it one of the easy ways to make money fast online.  So easy, in fact, that it’s even one of the genuine and easy ways to make money online for teens!

There are quite a few different websites that offer surveys. You just need to do your research as to which ones are better than others.  Basically, these survey sites conduct market research on behalf of large companies and so need everyday people to survey to get their views on different topics.  Sometimes these websites will even ask you to test products and get you to record your experiences.

Most of the better surveys sites will reward you by paying you either cash into your PayPal account or some offer gift cards to a range of retailers – most actually offer both.  For most of the better sites, you will need to complete a few surveys before they will pay you, but some sites will even pay you as soon you’ve completed just one survey so it can be one of the ways to make money online instantly UK offers.

While you’re certainly not going to make a stack of money completing online surveys, it may be the easiest way to earn money online. Iif you want to start right now, it is one of the best ways to make money online – free –  because all you need is an internet connection to get started.

Check out the various articles on this site and find some survey sites to sign up to today.

Written by Suzi from Survey Suzi

Matched Betting

For those that enjoy playing with numbers, matched betting can be a great way of how to earn money fast online.  Basically, matched betting is a form of betting where you are guaranteed not to lose.

If you’ve never heard of matched betting before – let me explain a couple of things.  The main thing you need to know is “back” betting and “lay” betting.  A back bet means you’re betting for an outcome to win, for example I bet that England will win the game.  A lay bet, on the other hand, is betting against an outcome, for example, I bet that England won’t win the game.

Now let’s take an offer like “bet £20 with us and we’ll give you a £20 free bet!”.  This is a method bookmakers use to entice new customers.  So if you were to place one bet that England wins with the bookmaker making the offer and then with another bookmaker you place a lay bet that England loses, you are guaranteed to win at least one bet and lose the other, so you won’t lose any money in the process.  In fact, you are guaranteed to gain a £20 free bet, as per the offer.

Now, you take the £20 free bet and make another backing bet with the bookmaker and the equivalent lay bet with another bookmaker.  You’re going to win at least one of these bets again and so there is your profit. This is one of the guaranteed ways to make money online.

It does take a little homework though but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. There are even online tools out there to help you find good back bets and the equivalent lay bets.

Now I know you’re probably thinking that this is illegal or something – but it’s not. Matched betting is completely legitimate and legal, this is one of the real ways to make money online.  Most people make mistakes along the way and so the bookmakers don’t lose – but you do your homework and you can certainly gain.

If you’re a bit of a numbers nerd like me, you’re probably going to have a lot of fun with matched betting and make money along the way.

Written by Elsa from Dive Into Germany

Writing SEO Content for Websites

High Angle View Of A Woman Giving Online Survey On Laptop At Home

How do I make money online?  Well for the fast few years, I’ve been supplementing my blogging income by writing online SEO content for websites.  While it’s not necessarily something you can start with no training, for those that are willing to put in the effort it’s certainly one of the best ways to make money online from home UK has as well as earning quite good money in the process.

After 20 years of working in the corporate world, I wanted to work from home and be more available for my family, so I went in search of proven ways to make money online.  I had started a travel blog and soon learned about SEO writing – that is Search Engine Optimisation – which basically means writing an article in such a way that it ranks highly on Google.

I tried to decipher the information myself by reading lots of articles on the web but found it overwhelming so I went in search of an SEO course.  I found a great course and soon the articles I was writing on my blog were ranking in the top positions on page one of Google.

I then discovered that there is a real demand out there for writers skilled in SEO and so I started a little side business.  I soon had more clients then I knew what to do with and now I make a decent living writing SEO content for a range of writers.  Currently, I have about 15 different websites that I write for each month as well as having a few websites of my own.

If you’re looking at how you can make money online super fast – then SEO writing is not for you.  But if you’re prepared to put in the hard yards and train yourself, then is one of the great ways to make money writing online.

Written by Melissa from Queensland Camping


Focused Millennial Mixed Race Guy Consulting Clients Online.

There are essentially two forms of income, active and passive. And although there’s no such thing as entirely passive income (as you still have to do ‘something’ to keep that income coming in), let’s agree that passive is better than active.

But depending on what stage you’re at in your career or life, you may be focusing on one or the other. It also depends on your business model.

For me, one of the reliable ways to make money online is consulting. And one of the best ways I find SEO consulting clients quickly is to use a platform such as

Freelancer is a platform where someone who needs help with their business, lists a ‘project’ which includes details of the tasks to be completed. Those interested in such a project ‘bid’ to win the project.

Also known as ‘gigs’, sites such as offer a great opportunity for just about anyone with a skillset of some kind to pitch for and win new client projects.

Much like applying for a job, pitching for a project on Freelancer involves putting your best foot forward, detailing your skills, work experience and demonstrating professionalism.

If you can meet the client’s budget, your chance of winning the project increases. But it’s best to position yourself at a price point that fits your skill level. Ultimately it’s a numbers game.

So if you’d like to make money online quickly, consider your own skillset and see if you can find online projects on  It’s one of the easy and honest ways to make money online in my experience.

Written by Matt from Paradigm Projex

Making money online with print on demand

Pretty Bear Poster And Merchandising. Vector Eps 10

Can you make money online?  Well I do and have done so for the past couple of years, by designing T-shirts.

I use a system called ‘print on demand’. This is where you upload a design to an online store, someone buys it, and then a third-party company prints it out and ships it to the customer.

I got into print on demand because I was looking for the easy and quick ways to earn money online UK offers which I could basically put on autopilot. And that’s exactly what this is: it’s all online, and you don’t have to handle any physical stock. Once you’ve done the initial work of uploading your designs, you can sell the same shirt over and over again with no extra effort.

I sell most of my shirts on Merch by Amazon. I recommend starting with Merch because you get to tap into Amazon’s huge customer base! But there are plenty of other POD sites such as Zazzle, Teespring and Redbubble.

You can get started with zero upfront costs, using a free design program like Canva or GIMP. You don’t even have to be good at graphic design – simple slogan tees sell well.

My top tip is to put out as many shirts as you can and don’t get hung up on making them perfect. Be prepared for the fact that many of your designs won’t sell – but if just one takes off, you can be looking at £100s in monthly passive income which is a great way to make money online fast and free.

Written by Becca from Boost My Budget


Blogging Concept Picture. Hands On Laptop And Various Tools For

One of the best ways to make money online for beginners is by starting a blog or an affiliate website. By doing this you can create a valuable asset and create a source of passive income. Earning money while you sleep will never get old!

Of course, you will have to be prepared to put the work in upfront but the whole process of starting a blog is a great way to learn new skills and express your creativity.

One of the most popular ways to make money online from a blog is through affiliate marketing. This means that when you review, recommend or mention a product or service, you add a special affiliate link to your post. If your reader clicks the link and goes on to make a purchase, you get a small percentage of the profits.

These commissions really do add up, and if you do this well then the earning potential is unreal. My top tip is to pick a niche that you are interested in and stick at it. The first few months will be tough and you won’t see much monetary reward, but after that, things will snowball and real money will start flowing your way.

Written by Chris from Break Free from Work

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing. woman hands on laptop and Affiliate marketing words on paper sheet

A great way to make money online is through affiliate marketing from a niche website.

Typically, a niche website will focus on a topic (e.g. kitchens, fitness, dogs) and provide a mix of information and product reviews.

The way to make money is by adding affiliate links to your articles. Whenever you review, recommend or mention a product (or service), you add a special affiliate link to your post.

If your reader clicks the link and goes on to make a purchase, you get a percentage of the profits.

The biggest affiliate program is Amazon Associates which allows you to claim a commission on any of the huge range of products stocked by Amazon. But there are affiliate programmes all over the place and whatever niche you choose you will be able to find products to promote.

These commissions really do add up, and if you do this well then the earning potential is unreal, you may like to read about my affiliate marketing journey.

The best thing is that this is passive income (earning money while you sleep is awesome!) and your website will become a valuable asset. Websites typically sell for 25-30 times their monthly income so if you need cash fast, selling your site is a great option.

My top tip is to pick a niche that you are interested in and stick at it. The first few months will be tough and you won’t see much monetary reward, but after that, things will start flowing your way.

Written by Chris from Break Free from Work

Freelancing on Fiverr

Technology And Travel. Working Outdoors. Freelance Concept. Pret

How do I earn money online?  Well I make money through freelancing on Fiverr, an online marketplace for providing digital services. After learning varied skills through starting my own side hustle business, people started to ask me questions and I soon realized people out there need these skills and don’t have the time to learn them!

I primarily manage clients online social media accounts, especially Pinterest, for those that don’t understand how to use them or simply don’t want to. Freelancing allows me to manage my own time and decide on the number of jobs I take on, and I’ve been able to make $1000s in my free time!

My tips for getting started are to think about what skills you have that others need, and don’t put yourself down if you’re an ‘expert’. Not everybody has the budget to pay for an expert when they just need somebody a level or two up from themselves.

Written by Tahryn from With Tahryn


I hope you found this article on some legitimate ways to make money online from home helpful.  If you’re wanting to get started earning money today, then I recommend you check out my guides on the best paid surveys UK offers or the best online surveys that pay cash.