5 Way To Avoid A Survey Scam

When you first hear about making money online by answering surveys, it’s natural to think it’s a scam. In fact, I think anytime you hear of something too good to seem true, it’s a very good idea to question whether it’s a scam or not.

When it comes to surveys, though, the reality is that you can make money simply by answering surveys.

However, like in every industry, there are good and bad operators. There are also people who will try to represent themselves as a survey company as a guise to get your personal information and scam you.

It’s sensible and safe to make sure that anytime you join a survey site that you aren’t being scammed.

In this blog post, I have 5 things you should do to make sure you avoid a survey scam!

1. Don’t join a site without researching if it’s legitimate if you don’t learn about it from a legitimate source

Ever joined a survey site because you see it mentioned somewhere random online? Or you saw it in an advertisement?

While most times this will probably end up just fine, sometimes it may not.

Don’t join a survey site without being sure it’s legitimate.

A quick google should help you discover if a site is legitimate or not.

Or, better yet, only join survey sites I recommend here. I make sure I only list survey sites on this site which are legitimate.

2. Never ever ever ever pay to join a survey site

Survey sites should pay you. Not the other way around.

If a survey site is asking for your money, they are not legitimate. It’s that simple.

3. If a survey site says you will get rich quick, run away!

You won’t get rich from filling in surveys. Life isn’t that easy!

I make a nice side income from surveys but I’m never going to be retiring on it.

If a site is saying you’ll get rich quick, this is a strong signal that it is probably a scam and I recommend you keep away.

4. Don’t provide details via email

If random people email you saying they are from a survey site asking for more details, don’t just believe them.

I have never had a legitimate survey site ask for information via email. Everything you need to answer and do should be on the site.

However, occasionally survey sites may have other offers – like they will send you a physical product in exchange for a review. You may be asked to email this review which is fine. Just don’t give away personal information that is unnecessary.

5. Think about what you are willing to share and what you aren’t

The nature of doing surveys is that you will have to give away some personal information. But think about what you are willing to share or not and don’t cross that line.

Some things you should obviously never share – like your credit card details! But other things can be less obvious and it’s really a personal choice what you are happy to have out there and what you aren’t.

I also recommend you read all details of a survey site’s privacy policy seriously before giving them any information about yourself.


There you have it! My 5 ways to avoid a survey scam. I hope this helps you ensure you have nothing but positive experiences with survey companies.