Best Paid Surveys UK 2023: All The Best Surveys For Money UK

Are you looking for the best paid surveys UK offers?  There are plenty of paid online surveys UK has, but which websites are the best?  

I’ve spent years doing heaps of the different surveys for money UK has, so I like to think of myself as a bit of an expert when it comes which are the best survey sites UK to make money as well as earn other rewards.  

For me, I think the best online surveys for money UK sites are the ones that combine a few things – ease of use, a great rewards centre, prize draws and of course plenty of high paying survey opportunities.

So if you’re looking for the absolute best get paid surveys UK sites, here are my top 9 best paid surveys UK review for 2023!

Note: I do recommend you sign up to as many top survey sites as possible. This is because this is the best way to maximise your income and to make sure there is always a survey to do. 

Want to start right now? I recommend starting with Toluna here, LifePoints here or Opinion Outpost here.


Sites With The Best Surveys For Money UK

SiteRewardsMinimum RedemptionJoin
Toluna OpinionsCash and Vouchers£5Sign up here
Ipsos PanelCash and Vouchers£10Sign up here
Opinion OutpostCash and Vouchers£2.50Sign up here
LifePointsCash and Vouchers£5Sign up here
YouGov PanelCash£50Sign up here
Opinion BureauCash and Vouchers£10Sign up here
SurveyClubCash and Vouchers£10+Sign up here
PanelBaseCash and Vouchers£10Sign up here
Branded SurveysCash and Vouchers£8Sign up here

Quick Tips To Earn Money From Surveys UK

  • Fill in all profile information – The best way to earn money from surveys UK sites is to ensure you complete your profile in full and accurately.  This will ensure you’re matched to the correct surveys. 
  • Set up survey notifications – To ensure you don’t miss any survey opportunities, be sure to enable survey notifications, whether that’s via the app or email so that the top paid surveys UK has are emailed directly to your inbox.
  • Answers questions carefully – So you are disqualified from as few surveys as possible, answer the questions carefully and thoughtfully.
  • Enjoy your rewards! Last but not least, of course, you want to earn money for surveys UK has, so be sure to keep an eye on your points balance and cash in for some great rewards.

Top 9 Sites With The Best Paid Surveys UK

I’ve been doing different surveys for years now and have a few personal favourites.  In my personal experience, if you’re looking to make money from surveys UK sites, then I recommend you consider the sites I mention below.  I think these are some of the best online survey sites UK currently has available.

Toluna Opinions


Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £5
  • Join Here

When it comes to surveys for cash UK – Toluna is one of the more popular ones. Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up to Toluna Opinions and you’ll get 500 points just for doing so.  Plus you’ll also get put into the prize draw for a range of cash prizes.

Before you commence a survey you’ll be told how long it should take and what points you’ll receive.  You can expect most surveys to take around 15 to 30 minutes and you’ll earn around 1000-5000 points per survey depending upon its length.

As well as being among some of the highest paid surveys UK offers, from time to time Toluna also offers the opportunity to take part in product trials and focus groups.

The minimum amount you can cash out with Toluna is £5.  With this, you can get cash transferred into your PayPal account or a range of vouchers for retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks and more.

So if you’re looking for online surveys that pay cash UK as well as other great rewards, Toluna is one of the websites I recommend checking out.


  • Some excellent paid surveys and prize draws on offer
  • One of the most straightforward sites to use
  • Get a voucher from just £5


  • You’ll need to wait a while to receive points and rewards

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Ipsos Panel


Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £10
  • Join Here

If you’re wanting to do surveys for money, UK has plenty of choices, with Ipsos Panel being one of them.  Ipsos Panel is another one of the best survey sites for money UK offers for those wanting to earn cash or vouchers.

Like any of the best UK surveys for money websites, the main way to earn points with Ipsos Panel is through completing surveys.  Points for surveys depend on the length and urgency, but usually, you can expect around 45 to 90 points for a survey.  

With some paid for online surveys UK sites, you won’t earn anything when you don’t qualify for a survey – even if you’ve attempted it.  However with Ipsos, you’ll still be rewarded with 5-25 points depending on how far you get into the survey.  

Ipsos also have a loyalty program, so the more surveys you complete the more points you’ll receive.  This is one of the reasons I rate them as being one of the best survey sites to make money UK has.

Ipsos will also reward you with 100 points if you refer a friend.  Plus there are prize draws where you can win cash by participating in the various Ipsos polls, as well as a new member cash prize draw too.  

Once you have around 500 points accrued you can start redeeming your points for rewards.  Rewards include pre-paid debit cards or vouchers for stores such as Amazon, Starbucks and a few others.  You can also get cash straight into your PayPal account or make donations to your favourite charities.

If you’re looking to get paid to do surveys – UK choices are plentiful and Ipsos Panel is certainly one of the good ones to consider signing up to.


  • Get 100 points for referring a friend
  • Great vouchers available when you earn just 500 points
  • Breezy mobile app


  • Surveys sometimes favour select users

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Opinion Outpost


Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £2.50
  • Join Here

When it comes to online surveys for cash UK sites, where you can get cash fast – Opinion Outpost is at the top of the list.  These guys have one of the lowest cashout thresholds around, so you can complete these UK online surveys for money and get paid soon after.

Opinion Outpost sign up is easy and free for anyone over the age of 16.  Surveys are on a range of topics such as household products, electronics, lifestyle, travel and take around 10 to 25 minutes to complete.  

How many points you earn will depend on the length, complexity and urgency of the survey.  On average I’ve been paid somewhere between 50p to a bit over £2. Although this isn’t much, given how frequently I receive surveys from them it soon adds up.

You can also earn points by referring friends and other activities such as contests or promotions. There are also opportunities to receive entries into prize draws and sweepstakes. In fact each time you complete a survey you go in the quarterly cash prize draw where there is the opportunity to earn up to £20,000 over the year.

You can redeem your points for cash into your PayPal account or for a range of vouchers for places such as Amazon.   You can cash out as little as £2.50 (50 points) which you could do after 1 or 2 surveys.  Plus payment is fast!  I receive my PayPal cash payment usually within 15 minutes.

If you want to complete surveys for money UK has a range of options, but with Opinion Outpost you’ll get paid fast, making it a good survey site to add to your list.  


  • Most surveys pay between 50p to over £2
  • PayPal cash is paid instantly (can take just 15 minutes)
  • One of the lowest withdrawal thresholds


  • Cap on surveys per day

Click here to check it out for yourself.



Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £5
  • Join Here

If you’re looking for sites where you and your teenage children can get paid to do surveys, UK has a few different options, such as LifePoints. Anyone aged 14+ can join and you’ll even earn bonus points just for signing up.

With LifePoints surveys take anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour to complete and you can expect to earn somewhere between 65 to 150 LifePoints per survey. The number of LifePoints you earn depends on the usual factors such as length and difficulty.

As well as earning points from surveys, like some of the other legit surveys for money UK sites, there is also the opportunity to do product reviews from time to time as well as win vouchers by taking part in contests they hold on Facebook.

Your LifePoints can be redeemed for cash into your PayPal account, a range of vouchers for places such as Amazon or donate money to charity. 

So if you’re after websites where your teenage kids can get involved, LifePoints is one of the best surveys for money UK sites. Of course it’s also perfect for adults too.


  • Earn between 65 to 150 points per survey
  • Get involved in contests and occasionally do product reviews
  • Teens over 14 years old can join


  • No points for referring friends

Click here to check it out for yourself.

YouGov Panel


Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash
  •  Minimum Redemption: £50
  • Join Here

Some of the best online surveys for money UK sites are the ones designed for people in it for the long haul  – like YouGov Panel.  However do keep in mind that while this is a well paying site, it also has one of the highest cashout thresholds, so certainly not ideal for people wanting to make cash fast.

Despite the name, the company does not have any affiliation with the government.  What they do offer though is more high profile surveys than other sites and so look for people that fit very specific demographics.  This means that you may find not as many survey opportunities as you would get from other sites.  

YouGov’s surveys pay up to £10, however it is more common to receive offers to get paid for surveys around the £5 mark – which is pretty good if you want to earn money doing surveys UK has. When you complete a survey you’ll receive points, with 100 points being equivalent to £1.

Unfortunately with YouGov you will need the equivalent of £50 before you’re able to cash out, which is one of the highest thresholds around.  When you cash out you’ll be sent a cheque which is also not as good as getting cash straight into your PayPal account.

Other ways you can earn on YouGov include prize draws for cash, as well as referring a friend where you can receive 200 points per referral.

While it does take a little longer to be rewarded with YouGov, it nevertheless deserves its place as one of the best surveys to make money UK sites currently around.


  • Earn up to £5 – £10 from high paid surveys
  • Earn up to 200 points for referring a friend
  • Receive entries into cash prize draws


  • Huge cash out threshold

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Opinion Bureau


Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £10
  • Join Here

If you want to take surveys for money, UK has some good sites that come with some good mobile apps like Opinion Bureau.  In terms of the best survey websites to make money UK has with mobile apps – it’s one of my favourites.

Of course they also have a great website, and you can choose to use the website as well as the app if you like.  On average I receive between £1 – £10 per survey, making them one of the good ways to make money doing surveys UK has for me.  Each survey takes between 5-15 minutes to complete.

There are a few other ways to earn with Opinion Bureau as well, such as £2 for referring a friend, participating in polls and you’ll even receive a £5 bonus just for joining.

Once you have accumulated £10 in your account, you can cash out for rewards.  An advantage with Opinion Bureau, which contributes to them being one of the best online surveys to make money UK sites, is that they also pay through PayPal.  Other rewards include vouchers for retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks and H&M.  

If you want great sign up bonuses, high paying survey opportunities and low cash out thresholds, Opinion Bureau is well worth signing up to.  It’s one of the great ways to get paid for online surveys UK offers.


  • Earn between £1 – £10 per survey
  • Get £2 for referring a friend
  • Earn points from polls and signing up


  • Customer support needs improving

Click here to check it out for yourself.



Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £10+
  • Join Here

If you want a one stop shop to fill out surveys for money – UK offers SuveryClub.   Unlike other sites where you answer surveys for money, UK, this site which works by connecting you to a range of different sites – so they act like a middle man referring you on to other sites.

As SurveyClub is a platform connecting you with different survey sites, the method in which you earn points will vary from site to site.  However with most sites, you earn points by completing surveys.  As to how many points you earn varies greatly, but generally, you’ll earn more points the longer and more complex the survey is.

SurveyClub also offers its own surveys from time to time and may also invite you to be part of one of their focus groups, where you’ll get the opportunity to test products and report on your experiences.  

How much you’ll get paid to do surveys with SurveyClub really depends on the survey site you are directed too.  You can expect to earn anywhere from 10p to £2.50.  You’ll know exactly how much you’ll earn prior to commencing the survey as it will be stated in the email offer.  

How to redeem points will again vary from site to site.  However the majority of survey sites allow you to redeem your points for cash payments or vouchers.  Each of the survey sites will have their own minimum threshold of points that you need to accrue before you can redeem any points.  The minimums vary greatly from the points equivalent to £2.50, right up to around £30.

With any surveys or focus groups you participate in, directly from SurveyClub, you will simply earn cash, no points, so it’s really simple.  You’ll receive your cash payment once you’ve accumulated $25 USD.

SurveyClub is a great platform for those people looking for a one stop shop where they can be connected to all the top paying survey sites in the UK.  I personally prefer to do my research and sign up to sites individually, but for others, this is one of the easy solutions to get money for surveys UK has.   


  • Matches you with survey offers from other sites
  • Can be great for locating the highest paid survey offers


  • Not really optimised for use in the UK (uses USD)
  • You may already be a member of the sites they refer you to

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Panel Base


Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £10
  • Join Here

Panel Base is a newer survey site I’ve started using and so far I’m liking it and so it deserves its place in my list of top survey sites in the UK.

Like any of the good survey sites, you’ll receive a bonus of £3 simply for signing up.  Then you’ll start receiving your surveys which take between 5 and 10 minutes and will earn you anywhere between  £0.25 and £10, depending on survey duration and complexity.  More complex surveys can even earn you up to £50!

Even if you’re not qualified for a survey that you start, you’ll still be rewarded by getting an entry into the monthly prize draw.  There are over 300 monthly cash prizes.

Once you’ve accumulated £10 you can cash out for rewards.  What makes this one of the best paid online survey sites is the ability to be paid cash straight to your bank account. Panel Base is one of the very few survey sites that offer this.

You can also get restaurant vouchers and vouchers for popular retail stores. You can even donate money to your favourite charity groups.

I think you can see from above why I like Panel Base so much.  Great survey opportunities, low cashout threshold and the ability to get cash straight into your account – do yourself a favour and sign up for this one!


  • Earn anywhere from £0.25 – £10 per survey
  • Get cash and gift vouchers from £10
  • Monthly cash prizes


  • The only way you can earn money is with surveys

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Branded Surveys


Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £8
  • Join Here

If you want lots of different opportunities to earn survey points, even when you spend money at your favourite shops and restaurants, then check out Branded Surveys.  You’ll receive 50 points just for signing up!

Like any other survey website, Branded Surveys offer its members a range of surveys to complete and earn points.  Surveys can take from around 10 to 20 minutes and you can expect to earn around 50 – 100 points per survey.  You’ll even receive 5 points if you don’t qualify just as an appreciation for your efforts.  

There are heaps of other ways to earn points too.  You’ll receive 5 points for participating in the polls, points for signing up to offers such as downloading apps or signing up to newsletters and you can even earn points when you spend money at your favourite places such as restaurants and gyms.  You’ll also earn points for referring friends to join up.

Once you’ve received 1000 points (equal to $10 USD or around £8) you can opt to cash out for some great rewards.  You can choose to get cash into your PayPal account or get vouchers to retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Tk Max and, Starbucks.

So if you want more options to earn points then just completing surveys, definitely go and check out Branded Surveys to see if it works for you.


  • Get 50-100 points per survey
  • Gift vouchers available with just 1000 points
  • Earn points just from downloading apps and shopping


  • You might need to wait a couple of weeks for rewards

Click here to check it out for yourself.

I hope you find this list of UK survey sites helpful! Check out 5 way to avoid a survey scam or lifepoints survey review here.