Top Paid Surveys Reviews: How To Get Paid For Surveys UK 2021

If you’re keen to start getting paid for surveys, there are plenty of top survey sites to join.  However to actually get paid for surveys UK offers, you really need to know the difference between an ok survey site and one of the top paying survey sites.

While some people have great success with the top rated survey sites, others don’t and I suspect the reason is they just don’t know how to really get the most out of the different sites.  If this sounds like you, then this paid surveys reviews UK guide is for you!

In this top paid surveys review, I not only share with you my favourite sites in terms of the top paid survey site options out there, but I also provide some tips on how to really get the best out of the sites.

With these top paid survey sites UK offers which I’ve listed below, provided you’re prepared to put in a bit of time and effort, you can enjoy some fabulous rewards and earn more money.

Want to start with the top paid online survey sites right now? I recommend starting with Toluna here, LifePoints here or Opinion Outpost here.

Compare Sites In Our Paid Surveys Review

If you simply want to know which are the top paid surveys UK offers in terms of good pay, you can compare them in the table below.

Please note that these are only for those wanting to get paid to do surveys UK has, so these links may not work in other countries.

SiteRewardsMinimum RedemptionJoin
Toluna OpinionsCash and Vouchers£5Sign up here
SwagbucksCash and Vouchers£5Sign up here
Ipsos i-SayCash and Vouchers£5Sign up here
LifePointsCash and Vouchers£5Sign up here
Opinion BureauCash and Vouchers£10Sign up here
Opinion OutpostCash and Vouchers£2.50Sign up here
Univox CommunityCash and Vouchers£10Sign up here
Branded SurveysCash and Vouchers£8Sign up here
20CogsCashVariesSign up here
YouGovCash£50Sign up here
PanelBaseCash and Vouchers £10Sign up here

How To Get Paid For Surveys UK

If you want to get paid for online surveys UK has, it really does pay to follow a few simple rules to ensure you get the most out of your time and effort.  This is the main reason why some people have success with getting paid to fill out surveys and others don’t.

Follow the few simple steps below and you’ll be well on your way to getting paid to do surveys UK has.

Step 1: Sign up to a site and fill in all information.

Of course the first step is being wise in which sites you sign up to (use this paid surveys UK review guide for tips on which are the best sites).  Then when you do sign up to sites, take your time completing your profile in full and accurately.  

By spending time getting this right to start with, you will ensure you’re matched to the correct surveys (and increase your chances of earning). 

Step 2: Set up notifications and complete surveys when they become available.

To ensure you get paid to take surveys UK has and that you don’t miss any opportunities, make sure you to set up survey notifications, whether that’s via the app or email so the surveys are emailed directly to your inbox.  Don’t skip this step!

Step 3: Be honest, consistent and personal.

So you are disqualified from as few surveys as possible, answer the questions carefully and thoughtfully.  While some of the questions might seem a bit random or make you feel uncomfortable, just remember that your responses remain anonymous.

Step 4: Use points wisely.

While some people choose to cash out their points as soon as they reach the minimum threshold, in most cases it’s best to wait a while as you’ll often find its better value to redeem or cash out with a larger amount of points.  

Top Paid Surveys Reviews In The UK

As you’ll see from my top paid surveys reviews UK guide, the best sites are the ones which are easy to use, offer regular surveys, have a range of reward options and reasonably fast payout times.

I’ve been doing different surveys for years now and have a few personal favourites, which I list below.  So if you want to get paid to do online surveys UK offers, then I recommend you consider the sites I mention below.  



Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £5
  • Join Here

No top paid surveys UK review would be complete without Toluna.  Read any Toluna review out there and you’ll see many people happy with this site. Toluna offers a range of ways to earn points and a good variety of reward options too.

With Toluna you get paid to fill out surveys by way of points which you can later redeem for rewards.  You can expect to earn around 1000-5000 points per survey depending upon its length.  3000 points are equal to £1. 

When you read different Toluna reviews you’ll also note that from time to time Toluna offers the opportunity to take part in product trials and focus groups.  This is a great way to get paid for market research in addition to doing surveys.

In terms of surveys you get paid for, Toluna has quite a low cash out threshold of just £5.  With this, you can get cash transferred into your PayPal account or a range of vouchers for retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks and more.

So if you’re looking for sites where you can get money for surveys UK offers, Toluna is a good one to start with.  With Toluna you’ll get be able to get cash for rewards as well as redeem points for a range of gift vouchers.

Click here to check it out for yourself.




Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £5
  • Join Here

Read any best paid surveys review UK guide and you’ll see that Swagbucks is a firm favourite.  This site is great for people who not only want to get paid for doing surveys UK offers but also earn cash doing a range of other tasks – even playing games!

That’s right, as you’ll discover by reading any Swagbucks UK review people are earning cash from a range of tasks.  Of course you’ll get paid for survey reviews, but you can also earn by watching videos, shopping through their site, downloading a game or even using their search engine instead of Google.

You’ll get money for doing surveys quicker than the other tasks, but it’s nice to have so many different options.  You can expect to earn anywhere from 40 to 200 points per survey and you’ll earn points even if you get screened out for whatever reason.  Plus there are heaps of ways to earn bonus points.

Swagbucks points system is called Swagbucks (or SBs), and once you’ve reached 800 SB’s, you can get £5 cashed out into your PayPal account.  There is also the option of cashing out for gift cards from stacks of different retailers.  You do tend to get better value for your points with gift cards – so choose wisely!  It usually takes between 7 and 21 days for your rewards to be processed.

So for those who like to have a little variety and not just get paid to complete surveys, Swagbucks is certainly my recommendation for you in these best paid surveys UK reviews.

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Ipsos i-Say


Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £5
  • Join Here

Next in my best paid surveys review guide, we have Ipsos i-Say.  Ipsos i-Say is another good site where you can get paid to do surveys online via cash and vouchers.

Like any site where you get paid for research, the main way to earn points with Ipsos i-Say is through completing surveys.  Points for surveys depend on the length and urgency, but usually, you can expect around 45 to 90 points for a survey.  

If you’ve read other top paid surveys UK reviews, you’ll know that with some surveys sites, you won’t earn anything when you don’t qualify for a survey – even if you’ve attempted it.  However with Ipsos, you’ll still be rewarded with 5-25 points depending on how far you get into the survey.  

Ipsos also have a loyalty program, so the more surveys you complete the more you’ll get paid for taking surveys.  This is one of the reasons I recommend them and have included them in this best surveys review guide.

As well as do surveys and get paid, Ipsos will also reward you with 100 points if you refer a friend.  Plus there are prize draws where you can win cash by participating in the various Ipsos polls, as well as a new member cash prize draw too.  

Once you have around 500 points accrued you can start redeeming your points for rewards.  Rewards include pre-paid debit cards or vouchers for stores such as Amazon, Starbucks and a few others.  You can also get cash straight into your PayPal account or make donations to your favourite charities.

If you’re wanting to get paid for completing surveys – Ipsos Panel is certainly one of the good ones to consider signing up to.

Click here to check it out for yourself.



Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £5
  • Join Here

When it comes to how to get paid for online surveys, there are some great options and LifePoints is another great site to consider  With LifePoints, anyone aged 14+ can join and you’ll even earn bonus points just for signing up.

With most of the surveys, you can expect to earn anywhere from 65 to 150 points, with 200 points being the equivalent to £1. While getting paid for doing surveys is the main way to earn, from time to time there may also be the opportunity to do product reviews.  You can even win vouchers by taking part in contests they hold on Facebook.

Like all the sites in these top paid survey reviews guide, LifePoints offer a wide range of ways to be rewarded.  You can use your LifePoints for cash payments into your PayPal account, a range of vouchers for places such as Amazon or donate money to charity. 

So if you’re after websites where you can get paid for your opinions, LifePoints is certainly another great one to sign up to.  

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Opinion Bureau


Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £10
  • Join Here

If you’re wanting to know how to get paid for surveys via your mobile, then one of the best sites to join is Opinion Bureau.  Opinion Bureau not only has a great website but they also have an excellent app, so you can earn points whether you’re on the go or at home.

You can expect to earn around £1 – £5 per survey with Opinion Bureau.  Other ways to earn with Opinion Bureau include referring a friend where you’ll receive £2, participating in polls and you’ll even receive a £5 bonus just for joining up.

Once you have accumulated £10 in your account, you can cash out for rewards.  Like most of the sites in this paid survey review guide, with Opinion Bureau, you can receive payment via your PayPal account.  You also have the option of receiving vouchers for retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks and H&M.  

If you’re wanting to get paid to take online surveys, Opinion Bureau is one that I recommend as it has a good range of options when it comes to cashing out your points.  

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Opinion Outpost


Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £2.50
  • Join Here

Out of all the sites I recommend in these paid survey reviews UK guide, Opinion Outpost is the fastest in making payment.  Plus they have one of the lowest cashout minimums around – which is why I’ve listed them in these paid online surveys reviews.

Like most sites, with Opinion Outpost, you earn points by completing surveys.  You can expect to earn around 10 to 40 points per survey, with 20 points being equivalent to £1.

Other ways to earn points include referring friends and participating in other activities such as contests or promotions. There are also opportunities to receive entries into prize draws and sweepstakes like the quarterly cash prize draw where there is the opportunity to earn up to £20,000 over the year.

You can redeem your points for cash into your PayPal account or for a range of gift vouchers for retailers such as Amazon.   You can cash out as little as £2.50 (50 points) and payment is fast!  I usually receive my PayPal payment within 15 minutes.  One of the fastest processing times out of all the sites in these best surveys for money reviews!

If having a low and fast cashout is important to you, then out of all the sites in these paid online survey reviews, Opinion Outpost is the one I recommend for you.

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Univox Community


Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £10
  • Join Here

Univox Community is another great survey site that is popular among survey fanatics.  The downside with Univox is registration is not always open, so once it is, make sure you do sign up.

As soon as you sign up with Univox you’ll receive an immediate 400 points, which is equal to £1.50.  You’ll find the surveys they send pay quite well compared to other sites, at an average rate of a few pounds per survey.  Plus the longer you’re a member the more surveys you’ll receive, so you’ll earn points even faster.

They offer great rewards for completing surveys.  You can redeem points for both cash payments to your PayPal account as well as gift cards for sites like Amazon. You do need 2500 points to redeem this however – about £10.

If you’re interested in checking out Univox Community, then I recommend clicking the link below to see if they are currently accepting new members.  If they are – don’t delay and sign up immediately before registration closes again.  

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Branded Surveys


Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £8
  • Join Here

A site that is a little different to all the others in these reviews is Branded Surveys.  I say different because as well as earning points for completing surveys, with Branded Surveys you can also earn points just by spending money at your favourite shops and restaurants.  

On sign up with Branded Surveys, you’ll receive a nice thank you of 50 points.  You’ll then start receiving survey offers, which according to most Branded Surveys reviews take around 10 to 20 minutes to complete and earn you an average of 50 – 100 points per survey.  Even if you get disqualified from a survey that you’ve commenced, you’ll receive 5 points for your efforts.  

Read any Branded Surveys review and you’ll see that in addition to completing surveys, there are other ways you can earn too.  There are quick polls where you can earn 5 points, points for referring friends, points for downloading offers or signing up to newsletters.  Plus you can even earn points when you spend money at your favourite places such as restaurants and gyms.  

Once you have 1000 points accumulated (equal to $10 USD or around £8) you can cash out for some great rewards.  You can opt for cash into your PayPal account or get vouchers to retailers such as Amazon, Argos, TK Maxx and Starbucks.

If you’re after a site where there is a wide range of ways to earn points, then Branded Surveys is certainly one of the different sites to check out.  

Click here to check it out for yourself.



Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash
  •  Minimum Redemption: Varies
  • Join Here

Check out any of the 20Cogs reviews and you’ll see this is a popular survey website.  20Cogs offers a range of ways to earn points which you can do from anywhere thanks to their mobile app.

Read any 20Cogs review and you’ll see people loving the wide variety of ways to earn points.  As well as surveys you can also earn points by entering competitions and even playing games.  You’ll earn £5 just for joining up and you can also earn money when you refer your friends.  In fact you’ll even get £20 the first time a friend you refer cashes out!

When you read 20 Cogs reviews, you’ll see they provide an interesting way for their members to reach the minimum threshold for getting paid.  Basically there are 20 different levels, and you’ll need to complete at least one offer on each level.  Once all 20 levels are complete you can cash out.  

Now how much you cash out depends on how many offers you completed on each level.  Of course the more offers you complete the more you’ll earn and be able to cash out.

As most 20 Cogs review will no doubt mention, one of the best things about cashing out with 20Cogs is they will transfer straight to your bank account!  However if you prefer, you can also get paid into your PayPal account.

20Cogs is certainly one of the more unique survey sites around and while you might not make cash fast, if you make it a long term investment, you’ll certainly earn money and have some fun along the way.

Click here to check it out for yourself.



Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash
  •  Minimum Redemption: £50
  • Join Here

YouGov is one of the highest paid survey sites around, but unfortunately, it also has one of the highest cashout thresholds.  Nevertheless, check out any YouGov review and you’ll see that this really is one of the best sites for people who are looking for a long term investment.  

Despite its name, YouGov is not associated with the government.  YouGov is a survey platform, which offers high profile surveys and looks for people with very specific demographics.  They also pay very well with most surveys earning you around 500 to 1000 points, with 100 points is equal to £1.

As well as completing surveys, with YouGov, there are a few other ways you can earn points.  You can earn 200 points when referring a friend and there is also the chance to win cash in prize draws.  

The downside with YouGov is that you’ll need to have accumulated points equivalent to £50 before you’re able to cash out.  This is by far one of the highest thresholds around.  Another negative is they only pay by cheque, which isn’t as convenient as having your cash transferred to your PayPal account.

Some people love YouGov, while others don’t due to the high cash out threshold and the fact they only pay by cheque.  However, if you’re prepared to put the effort in, there is no doubt that you will be well rewarded by doing surveys with YouGov. 

Click here to check it out for yourself.



Quick Facts:

  • Rewards: Cash and Vouchers
  •  Minimum Redemption: £10
  • Join Here

Last but not least in my top paid survey reviews is PanelBase.  Along with 20Cogs, these guys are one of the few survey sites that offer cash straight to your bank account, plus a range of other great rewards too.

As soon as you join PanelBase, you’ll be rewarded with £3.  Then with your surveys, you can earn anywhere between £0.25 and £10 per survey.  With more complex surveys can earn even more, with some earning up to £50!  Even if you’re not qualified for a survey that you start, you’ll get an entry into the monthly prize draw, which has over 300 different cash prizes.

You need to have accumulated £10 before you can cash out for rewards.  But like I said above, with PanelBase you can get your cash straight to your bank account. If you prefer you can also get restaurant vouchers, vouchers for popular retail stores or donate money to your favourite charity groups.

Most people just love PanelBase due to the fact that they can get their cash straight into their bank account.  No messing around with PayPal or having to choose a gift voucher.  If this sounds like something you’re also interested in, then definitely sign up to PanelBase.

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Final Tip…

So hopefully after reading the above, you’ve decided on a few survey sites to join.  If you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed, I’d recommend choosing just three to start with and my picks would be Toluna, Swagbucks and 20 Cogs.  Give these a go first and see how you go.  

If you consider yourself a more experienced survey user, then sign up to as many as you like for the best chance to earn the most money.

I hope you find this list of UK survey sites helpful! Check out the best surveys for money UK or best paid survey site UK Options For More $$$ here.